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About the CCIPS Institute

The Certified CommercialInvestment Property Specialist Institute (CCIPS) is an organization dedicated to helping real estate professionals understand and succeed in the lucrative investment/commercial real estate market.

We offer both basic and advanced educational courses that cover all aspects of investment property analysis, listings, sales, marketing, taxation, group ownership, financing, 1031 tax deferred exchanges, financial planning and more. CCIPS classes can be taken individually as your schedule allows.

We also offer software programs designed to simplify and expedite the analysis and presentation of investment/commercial real estate opportunities. When you better understand the benefits and can present them in a clear and concise format, you will better serve your clients and thus close more transactions for both buyers and sellers.

The CCIPS Institute was founded by Rich Lombardi, CCIPS, GRI, a veteran of the investment/ commercial real estate market for 25 years who has been involved in all phases of the market, including sales, leasing, property management, syndication, financing, 1031 tax-deferred exchanges, and more. These days, his primary focus is in educating real estate professionals and helping them succeed in investment/commercial real estate.

"The benefits of ownership can be expressed in one sentence, however for some it takes a lifetime to truly understand. Our goal is to shorten the time and help you be more valuable to your clients and yourself."

Rich Lombardi, GRI
President, The CCIPS Institute